Comitti Skeleton Clocks

The "Congreve" Rolling Ball Clock

A favorite of clock collectors, the Rolling Ball Clock was invented by the scientist Sir William Congreve and Patented in 1808. The concept of the clock reflects the aspiration of clockmakers to find an alternative to the pendulum as the escapement regulator. Regulation is achieved by the traverse of a ball along the zig zag grooves on an inclined plane. The ball trips the escapement at the end of each traverse reversing the slope of the platform. The principle of the clock is such that the accuracy of the time keeping is limited +/- 3 minutes per day. This is not a reflection of the quality of manufacture but the fact that the temperature changes, dust on the track and even static electricity give rise to variations. The eight day movement is fusee-driven,gold plated and protected by a glass cover. The dials are etched and silver plated.


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